Sharon Estee is a singer / songwriter / musician currently based in California. She has been classically trained in piano for 13 years, violin for 8 years, and flute for 2 years. When she started piano lessons at the age of 5, her teacher would test her musical ear by playing notes and having her identify them with her perfect pitch. Estee would practice without fail each day and continuously ask for more to learn. The more exposure she received in music, the more she fell in love with the art. 

Aside from playing the piano, violin, and flute, Estee went on to teach herself guitar and ukulele and learned organ and Javanese Gamelan at the University of California, Berkeley.  She mastered her theory at a young age achieving the Advanced Level for Certificate of Merit piano theory with Branch Honors recognition and Convention program recognition. Having learned how to play 7 instruments, Estee continues to be passionate about furthering herself creatively and musically.

In 2006, she truly discovered her love for singing when she began performing at local events and putting up singing videos on her former YouTube channel @sharonswt. Through this outlet she managed to reach over 2 million views and 7,000 subscribers. In 2012 she decided she wanted to take the leap as a professional artist, branding herself as Sharon Estee on a new YouTube channel and through other social media.

Sharon Estee's motto has always been "Live. Love. Inspire." She hopes to always keep artistic integrity and to make music that people can smile to, cry to, dance to, move to, relate to -- to create a variety of music for every mood.  She hopes to inspire others through her music so that one day people will come up to her and say “because of you, I never gave up."