2013 Reflections

A post from before the new year


Someone once told me I would be in a different place by the end of 2013. Well I think I am, even though it wasn't with his help... Because mentally and emotionally - I've grown stronger from all of the setbacks. Physically...I've grown weaker because I never exercise HAHA (2014 new year's resolution forreal). Anyway, I'd have to say I'm proud of myself for always pushing, and I hope to continue to do so. I've switched my branding from sharonswt to Sharon Estee - which people thought I was stupid for. I basically left behind youtube.com/sharonswt and facebook.com/esteemusic. I still feel like it was the right decision. Along the way though, I found myself too round up in numbers. What I mean by that is I started caring too much about views, likes, followers, comments, and I almost forgot to focus on the true art of music. And I realize, though it's important, I need to get back into writing, jamming, practicing, performing, and learning. And I want to always treasure the little things and the people. I'm also happy that #TeamEstee is stronger than ever, and I feel like 2014 is going to be crazy with this support. I've only gotten this far because I've decided to think smart and "Just do it". Thinking smart, planning ahead, and JUST DOING IT rather than talking about it was so important for me this year. My Patreon patrons (patreon.com/sharonestee) and followers have also motivated me to believe my goals are possible. That added motivation has helped me so much -- not just the tangible support but the intangible idea that people actually CARE about what I do. I've met some amazing people this year and learned a lot through the ups and downs. Though what I've done this year might not have seemed like much, it was for me.


My learnings this year wrapped up in a few bullet points...


1. Try not to rely on anyone else but yourself, but at the same time remember you'll need help along the way.

2. Actions speak louder than words.

3. It's okay to be selfish at times.

4. Work hard, work SMART, and play hard.

5. Compare yourself with past versions of yourself (rather than with others).

6. Know your WORTH.

7. Failure is NOT the opposite of success.

7. Strive to learn, improve, and inspire.

8. Reflect on your accomplishments.

9. Remember the craft and the art. Remember why you're doing what you're doing.

10. Don't be afraid to work outside of your comfort zone. This is when your growth rate increases dramatically.

11. Be humble, be grateful.

12. Enjoy the journey.


Have a GREAT NEW YEARS! And see you in 2014!