Today I am reflecting... reflecting on the stuff I've achieved in music and life in general. To others it's not much but to me it's kinda dope. Accomplishing stuff that I felt STUCK on a year ago. I would complain about so much and get hurt by people who broke my trust. But this past year I've been working hard and thinking smart and I feel like I'm finally walking in the direction I want to head in. No need for hella fame/fortune, I like being able to appreciate these little milestones. It's nice realizing I did this stuff on my own.


And I'm so grateful for all the people who've motivated me, worked with me, and supported me along the way. My #teamestee... Sometimes people just don't understand wtf I'm doing, sometimes I don't understand it myself, so i'm so grateful for all the people around me who help me remember why I love doing this. I'll probably write all my thoughts out for the new year so more on it later.........but i'm happy right now!!!!!